Kingsford Grill Covers

Protect your investment
You have just bought your new Kingsford grill. Maybe it’s gas or maybe you prefer the smoky aroma produced by charcoal. But how do you protect it from the elements when it’s not in use? Rain, snow or sleet will all have an adverse affect on the appearance of your grill; they may even cause problems with operation. So what do you do?

Use Kingsford Grill Covers

Smart people buy a Kingsford grill cover. These covers come in many shapes and sizes. There is one to suit your grill. Some companies will even make to measure if you wish.


Kingsford Grill CoverA perfect fit is produced by having closure strips at either end. This ensures a snug fit and stops the cover blowing around in high winds and also stays securely around your Kingsford grill.

Many are made form woven polyester to provide protection from all weathers. Incorporating a mesh vent on the front allows air to pass through. This airflow helps to prevent mildew and mold and also keeps the grill from rusting.

All Kingsford grill cover manufacturers will produce as standard the following: a cover which will fit up to sixty inches wide, all are adjustable to ensure a good fit, manufactured in polyester with a heavy duty lining, and the heavy duty production technique used ensures that rain, wind, sun, and sleet are repelled. Some manufacturers even make grill covers from durable, 12 millimeter commercial grade vinyl. The lining is then laminated to the polyester to ensure that the cover stays in one piece. Most manufacturers use polyester because of its water repellent qualities. It doesn’t absorb moisture and keeps the grill dry.

To further enhance the cooking experience the venting system also helps maintain a controllable and suitable heat to cook the food. As long as you can cook a little then a quality Kingsford charcoal grill will get the job done providing well cooked and delicious meat to your friends and family.

All Year Round

Outdoor grilling is becoming more fashionable and barbeque grills are being utilized far more frequently throughout the year.

This means that the grill should also be protected all year around also! All Kingsford grill covers must be highly water-resistant, to ensure that they can provide the best shield from the weather for your grill.

If you are unsure of where to buy your cover or what brand to buy then do a bit of research on the internet. There are many different manufacturers providing quality items at reasonable prices and some even give a two year warranty.