Kingsford Charcoal Grills

The name Kingsford has been synonymous with charcoal and BBQ:s since the 1920’s.

This was when a charcoal plant was built by E.G. Kingsford, who just coincidentally was a cousin of a certain Henry T Ford. Because of the family ties Kingsford had access to lots of timber in the form of offcuts from panels used in the manufacture of the model ‘T’ Ford. This was made into charcoal which was sold alongside Ford cars and barbecues.

Get Your Grill On With Kingsford Charcoal Grills

Nowadays Kingsford charcoal grills or barbecues are renowned as being a product that is of superior quality, design and performance.

Kingsford Kettle GrillThe 57cm Kingsford Kettle has a completely porcelain coated body with heavy gauge steel used as standard. The lid is of equal quality in process, manufacture and design.

All of this attention to detail gives great robustness and a long useful life. Other newer innovations included with the barbecue are the removable porcelain coated ash collector, specially designed to clean easily and thus making the clean up operation that much quicker and less hard work.

Design And Function In Perfect Harmony

The base shelf acts as a storage area and the two air dampers give finer control of the temperature for cooking. This reduces the possibility of blackened food which is still raw in the middle, music to the ears of any seasoned barbeque fanatic!

Another innovation developed and used in Kingsford Charcoal grills or barbecues is the feature of adjustable charcoal racks. These adjustable racks are moved until perfect heat levels are achieved.

All handles are made from bakelite for safety reasons, bakelite doesn’t transfer heat easily and so stays cooler and the lid has a lid hanger when the cooking area is being worked. The cooking area itself is a very substantial 2450cm2 so this “barbie” is big enough for the larger family holidays. Being a charcoal barbecue means that the deliciously smoky flavor enhances all of your food.

To further enhance the cooking experience the venting system also helps maintain a controllable and suitable heat to cook the food. As long as you can cook a little then a quality Kingsford charcoal grill will get the job done providing well cooked and delicious meat to your friends and family.

Size Does Matter

Kingsford grills and barbecues come in many different types and sizes. The Kingsford Large Console Grill has grilling area of more than 780 square inches!

Kingsford Large Console GrillThat’s almost a square meter of barbequing area. You could cook a small pig or sheep whole on that one! Because of its massive size this is the charcoal grill for the larger barbecue parties.

Not only does this grill have a double wall lid for maximum heat retention, it also has the standard porcelain coated cooking racks, adjustable charcoal rack with a warming rack and an enclosed bottom cabinet and two side shelves. This grill is a bigger size and superior quality barbecue that is rightly considered to be one of the best charcoal grills.

The Kingsfords Small Black Console Grill, although smaller has many features common to the Kingsford Large Console Grill, except that it fits anywhere.

Kingsford Small Console GrillIt´s better for smaller gardens, but still has a decent 450 square inches of cooking area. Charcoal is added through the front access door, whilst heat adjustment is by use of two dampers.

It also has, as standard, condiment holders and a large enclosed storage area underneath the grill.

Other types of grill are tailgaiting, cart and kettle grills. The Kingsford Kettle Grill is designed for smaller spaces and appetites.

Kingsford Tabletop Kettle GrillThis type of Kingsford charcoal grill is the best choice if space is limited or you are only having one or two friends round. Available in different sizes, again with an adjustable vent to assist temperature control.

The domed lid also keeps the heat in.
The smaller models can be used as tabletop grills and the bigger ones can even be used if you like to smoke meats.

Stuffing The Grill

It doesn’t matter if it is a Kingsford charcoal grill or any other type, the quality of it will be an issue. Charcoal grills as their name suggests will use charcoal as their fuel.

There are however charcoal briquettes in addition to the standard natural lump charcoal.
Charcoal, when burned, transforms into embers which radiate heat which is necessary to cook food.
Because briquettes are uniform, some users say that they produce a better cooking experience.
This is because the burn rate and heat creation is always standard.
Others argue that naturally produced charcoal produces smoky aromas and gives a high heat output.

Whatever option you prefer, a Kingsford charcoal grill is fitted as standard with adjustable charcoal racks and perfected venting system.
This ensures that you are always providing perfect heat levels irrespective of the style of charcoal you are using.
We do however always recommend you to use Kingsford original products for the best result. All of which can be ordered from Home Depot.

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